Practising Attorney

The course was worth every penny. It provided me with the tools and knowledge to do what I know I was born to do – being great in helping others to live great.

Executive Manager – Transnet

Exceeded my expectations- by far. It is skills and tools I can use at home and in my professional journey. In my human integrations as well as hard deliverables. I have grown both as an individual and understanding myself better as well as ignited options to explore a different professional direction in life.


I started this programme slightly on the skeptic side of the coaching spectrum. Although I wasn’t averse to learning and taking the knowledge in for processing, I had my reservations.

As day two started and ended I found myself completely in a different space. I see value! In all people; in thoughts; in language and oh boy, in the brain! I thought logic and common sense was all one needed to survive! I know now those emotions hiding on the right, are important. A lot of my processing is informed by my right brain.
The power of knowing this is life changing. I believe this course and this experience will be with me forever. The way the knowledge is impaired is expert and Kim is brilliant. Thank you from my every neuron to yours!

Litha Pharma

I recommend the course and understanding for any human who wants to be an active driver in their life and the world around them. Everyone who is human and interacts with other humans should be exposed to this thought process knowledge, and skills.

I looked forward to this part of coaching. I honestly didn’t know what NLP was about but your explanation of it in the coaching masteries course made me excited and intrigued. I haven’t started coaching and now I know why. I needed NLP to push me over the edge. I feel so much more equipped. This is going to be a long and wonderful journey with the NeuroCoach Institute I am hungry for a lot of information and skills.

Thank you for providing me with the knowledge that I want and aiding me to fulfill my dreams.


This course has equipped me with a deep understanding that there is truly hope (in proven models) to assist in bringing forth transformation and healing in any individual, no matter how hopeless the situation.
I feel confident to use and share the material to bring light to as many people as they cross my path.
Thank you for the loving environment you create, to make me feel safe and without judgement. I always have the courage to share deep emotions in your presence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I enjoyed the practical applications and tools discussed in the course. As a built on to the coaching masteries class, this is an excellent guide with practical applications in the coaching journey.

As always, I have learnt a huge amount in the classroom and have had many breakthrough moments, discoveries and learning in NLP. The applications and information is limitless.

Syncwize (PTY) Ltd.

NLP has been a very valuable journey for me. I have learned so much about myself. I am so excited to see how these tools are going to change my way of thinking and speaking and how I am going to be able to influence the lives of the people that cross my path.

Thank you, Kim and Nelri for the investment.

Industry: Banking & Training

Best investment I have ever made. Life changing experience that has opened up opportunities to me that have always been there but never realized them.

Industry: Sport Psychology

The NeuroCoach Institute Coaching Masteries course has truly exceeded my expectations. The insights from this course show the true meaning of coaching and the impact coaching can have on the world.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

This has been a life changing experience.

Industry: Serial Entrepreneur

Highly recommend, this course if you want to – understand the coaching industry, what to know all the coaching models, want to start a coaching business ……excellent.

Industry: Franchising and Consulting

I believe that this course as a turning point in my life and that one day I will look back and remember it as a life changing experience.

Industry: Financial

Kim, thank you so much! This course has really been life – changing for me. Not only is the content factual and life-transforming but also in accordance with biblical principles. The value if this course is absolutely indescribable!!!!

Industry: Creative & Interiors

This is going to change my life & career in such a big way! The course has a remarkable influence on the way I think about business as well as my attitude towards life and people in general. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to grow to somebody greater than I ever thought I would or could ever be!

Industry: Communications & Radio

This course is too powerful for words. This has been my highlight for 2013, the greatest gift I received this year. I am truly blessed & grateful. I have realised my value, my responsibilities as a person and a coach. Never got to be this inspired and fuelled to accomplish my purpose. The NeuroCoach Institute is a God inspired vision.

Industry: Celebrity & Promotions

It has been extremely enlightening and educational. I personally would like to thank Kim for sharing her knowledge and wisdom. This course has truly changed my life and the way I look at my future forward from this point on. I am so excited cannot wait to accomplish all my goals and share my new knowledge with my coachees and enhance their lives – thank you.

Industry: Wellness

If you are considering the path of coaching as a business or career, this course is a fantastic place to start. Kim is knowledgeable and wise about the world of coaching and unselfish in the sharing of her skills and experience – highly recommended!

Industry: Web Marketing and Visual Communications

Many ‘’Ah-ha’’ moments experienced. The value of this course is astronomical and I feel I will see more and more of the outcomes materialize in my life as I implement these profound principals – truly life changing I am very grateful – thank you.

Industry: Entertainment

My personal experience was simply eye opening, helpful in life skills and interesting. The professionalism is exceptional and I’ve learned so much in 3 days Image what I will learn on the 2 month Excellence Program!!! I am excited to be on this journey with the NeuroCoach Institute!

Industry: Retail

I now know exactly what my calling is as a coach. Kim has opened my eyes to new possibilities and has helped me see more about my inner being and how this affects my inner being and how this affects me and the people around me On the NeuroCoach Institute Coaching Masteries course I have gained confidence and passion to see myself succeed through others reaching their full potential.


The fact that I attended the program feels to me like divine appointment. It provided me with the opportunity to make a quantum leap in my journey of self-discovery and development. Well done NCI Management, Facilitators and Staff.