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At the NeuroCoach Institute we combine our approach and methodologies with scientific research, best practice principles and intensive measurement. We have identified and developed a set of principles for how to coach most effectively in any type of conversation, how to structure the ideal coaching session, through accountable coaching engagement, and how to best manage complete coaching interventions.

Consultation-based to customize to your specific needs & outcomes. Please enquire now to book your free consultation.

Leadership Coaching

“A breath of fresh air in the coaching arena – and has fire in their belly’s without a doubt!  I do believe that this coaching has enormous potential to help this company move to the next level.”
Head of Communications: International Engineering firm

Personal Brand Coaching

“This was decidedly the best Workshop I have attended with the NeuroCoach Institute!”

Executive Coaching

“The benefits of this Coaching methodology has not just impacted the employees coached, but has had a ripple effect on the way these employees manage their own teams and targets. The results have exceeded our expectations and I have no doubt that with the continued support and coaching we will be limitless.”

Performance Coaching

“This coaching was pivotal in reaching our goal. The Coaching provided has been immensely effective with staff  showing measurable levels of improvement in their commitment, effort, understanding and passion. Within six months she has created a working environment that functions efficiently, accurately and creatively.”
Head of HR: Manufacturing & Service industry


Consultation-based to customize to your specific needs & outcomes.


• Building understanding and tolerance of colleagues therefor reducing judgement and criticism
• Provides a framework for making sense of team conflict and challenges in order to increase team productivity
• Enables the team to move beyond a pattern of blaming conflict on “personality differences”
• Improves working relationships and communication
• Increase leadership maturity, decision making, resilience and change-readiness


• Decreases behind-the-scenes organisational politics
• Improves change management and decreases fear of change
• Can unleash organisational creativity through greater individual integration
• Improves productivity and performance
• Creates a framework which enables greater project leadership
• Builds organisational integrity
• Enables more impactful corporate communication
• Contributes to development of talent
• Plays a role in enabling culture change