Coaching is deemed as of the most transformational and outcomes based applications in business. NCI has achieved success and results with Entrepreneurs, Managers, Individuals and Teams across industry with our NeuroCoaching methods and techniques. In essence, our NeuroCoaches are Thought-partners, Challenge-partners and Accountability-Partners.

NCI offering to Business

Qualifications, Courses, Programs & Certifications
Trusted, pioneering, proven & innovative courses and programs to business, teams, leadership, management and individuals


NeuroCoaching for individuals and teams: Transformational and Process driven

  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Life & skills coaching

Teambuilding – Corporate team buildings with a Neurology twist, customised to organisational needs
Profiling – Enneagram & NeuroLink profiling for the development of self-awareness

Workshops & Seminars

  • Tailor made workshops for business teams to transform and achieve specific results
  • Product & Toolkit
  • Cutting edge and leading NeuroScience tools, methods and courses

Added value services:

  • Professional facilitation
  • Strategic sessions facilitation
  • Inspirational & transformational keynote talk


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