How can you develop yourself as a coach in order to become even more successful?

Become aware of who you are, how you are experienced and and how to apply yourself more effectively in your coaching style. Becoming more self-aware as a coach can lead to having greater success with your clients.

We help you with this through the following profiling tools:

Enneagram for Coaches

Integrative Enneagram

No profiling is as accurate and inclusive as the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a powerful tool to understand yourself and your clients. Excellent for self-development and becoming the best version of yourself through discovering your core motivation, fear, strengths and challenges.

mBTI for Coaches

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Understanding how you apply yourself daily in different situations. This is a preference assessment for how you are energized, take information in, make decisions and act out into the world.

Neurolink for Coaches

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The Neurolink brain profile assist you to understand how you prefer to learn, take information in, and make decisions. It is a great tool in understanding what happens with you (and your brain) when you stress and provides unique tools to manage your brain. Become a brain-fit Coach through understanding your unique brain profile.