Brilliant coaches are those who choose continuous self-improvement and life-long self development. The world’s most successful & wealthiest coaches have self-improvement as one of their top 3 habits. Understanding that success and wealth implies Meaning, Freedom and Client transformation in coaching terms – the NeuroCoach Institute is unwavering in our careful choice of qualifications, certifications, workshops and product to aspiring as well as seasoned coaches.

We DO NOT offer sub-standard or watered-down programs that claim to qualify or certify coaches, and distance ourselves from such. Our Conduct code is based on two main aspects: The results and testimonials from our Graduates. The results and testimonials from our Graduate’s clients.

NCI offering to Coaches

  • Qualifications, Courses, Programs & Certifications
  • Trusted, pioneering, proven & innovative courses and programs
  • Services & Support to Coaches
    Professional Mentoring and Coaching services to Coaches (new & seasoned)
  • Profiling – Enneagram & NeuroLink profiling with specific focus on developing the professional Coach

Workshops & Seminars

  • Continuous educational & self-improving workshops and product
  • Product & Toolkit
  • Cutting edge and leading NeuroScience tools, methods and courses


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