COACHTrepreneur (Aug 22)

When: August 22, 2022 – August 24, 2022 all-day
Where: Virtual

Start, grow or expand your professional coaching business or learn how to integrate NeuroCoaching into your existing practice. Cut through the clutter, set your brand up for success through practical workbooks and facilitated workshops, and […]

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mBIT Masters (June 2022)

When: June 7, 2022 – June 11, 2022 all-day
Where: Indaba Hotel Gauteng

Calling all certified mBIT International coaches! Take your Chapter 9-ing to the next level by tapping into your other two intelligences (the ANS and Reproductive “brains”), take a deep dive into the science of mBIT and learn […]

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mBIT International Coach Certification (Nov 2022)

When: November 30, 2022 – December 3, 2022 all-day
Where: In Person

Learn how to harness the incredible power of your (and your coachee’s) multiple “brains” or intelligences through a suite of practical methods that ensure the head, heart and gut are aligned and integrated at their […]

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