What if you got the opportunity to re-design your life? Or design it for the first time.

This specific piece of reading is specifically for YOU! If you do not want to ask yourself clear and honest questions please do not continue reading. Should you dare to get back into the driver’s seat of your Life-Career vehicle, please embark on the journey that lies ahead in the next few paragraphs. It transformed my life (well, on many accounts), my career and I took my power back. The same is evident in the lives and careers of my clients, from c-suite executives, leaders and many individuals and teams.

The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. That chemistry will fuel and motivate a new outcome and destiny.

In the end, what is all this about? Arguably, how we lived with utmost Wisdom and Authenticity.  How we made decisions and how we thought, felt and acted. This is what determines the story of our lives.

I share a scientific neurological phenomena: Change your language, change your story and you change your chemistry. Ultimately you change your destiny.

What is your story? Is it serving you and the various areas of your life?

Your life.

Not your parent’s lives, not your family’s lives, not your company’s life. Yours.

Your life in context to the outer world. Your life in relation to the outer world. Be that your family, career or anything else.

You have been designed with purpose and on purpose. Is that how you are designing your life?

If not, who is designing it for you?

I offer you one of the most powerful tools that changed my personal and professional life. And that of many others.

Integrating the function and wisdom of my multiple brains. My centres of intelligence.  It has already been given to us, to discern and live in abundance. So what is stopping or “stucking” us?

This understanding which I share, had a huge contribution to my transformation and leading a successful, wise and authentic life – personally and professionally. It undoubtedly assists you to design your life, your decisions, your health and much more. And a designed life, will be experienced as a balanced life.

In essence, we have multiple brains. The Head (cephalic), Heart (Cardiac) and Gut (Enteric).

Listen to each. They have a powerful, authentic and wise place and message. Allow them to express. When making decisions, getting clarity, designing your life.

Then integrate them, for wisdom and authenticity to prevail. Our lives are the accumulation of our decisions, that are based on our beliefs.

Here enters a courageous statement or rather question:  Who is in control of your life and destiny?  Who is in your driver’s seat? You see, if you are not in the driver’s seat and not thinking, feeling and acting from a place of power – then someone or something else holds the power and is currently driving your vehicle.

If you do not get back into the driver’s seat of your Life-Career vehicle where are you going to and who is taking you there? Are you going to end up at the destination you had little control over? Are you moving toward a place, destination that is not yours or serving you?

You see, the minute you re-frame your world back to the inner and not outer, you are shifting back into the driver’s seat.

Yes, there are 2 parts to this agreement called Life.

The Creator’s, Nature’s and mine.

You and I have our part of the agreement to fulfil, and we need to get real, get clear and get courageous to face the (sometimes) inconvenient truths.

We need to become vulnerable to start off with.

Now, my second question: How vulnerable are you prepared to be?

Because in your greatest vulnerability, enters your greatest courage and in turn your greatest achievement. Taking back your power! Face the fears, limiting beliefs and even your unprocessed negative emotions that we may have taken on board from our past experiences.

Courageous question nr. 3:

Are you thinking, feeling and acting like a party balloon, or rather like a missile that has been programmed with precise coordinates? To reach the desired destination? The goal. The abundance.

Let’s get geeky here, and consider what would happen if we program a missile with ’sort-of-accurate’ coordinates. It can only be imagined how far off from the target it would land with the compound trajectory.

Such is your life and career.  Similar to the journey of a missile. If we do not take note of, and know our exact coordinates of where we are now and where we want to be in all areas of our life   – we will miss our target. You may consider the essence of the meaning in the word ’sin’. To miss your target/mark.

So, if we do not become crystal clear of our current circumstances and crystal clear of where we want to be  – we will miss our target. Come on, let’s get courageous!

This brings me to the slight yet exceptionally powerful concept of Designing your life and career in a holistic sense.

Courageous question nr. 4:

Have you (on purpose and with intention) Designed your life?

All areas and aspects?

How high is your frequency of living on purpose and with intent. Is the frequency distorted?  Have you faced your abundance blocks such as your fears and beliefs that may be limiting you? Beliefs about yourself, others and business. Your neurology has been designed to achieve whatever you focus on and intentionally follow. Do you know what this is and have you clearly identified what is blocking your brilliant neurology from achieving that?

Your Designed life and career is already there. Change your thoughts, feelings and actions. Get into the driver’s seat and take control.

If the ‘Why’ is strong enough, the ‘how’ will sort itself.

Kim Everitt