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“The moment you walk into a room, you are communicating a message. A message to yourself, the outside world and your future. You see, the future and past do not exist. Now exists, and is creating the future and endorsing or contradicting the past. Writing an email, engaging in a conversation, building your relationships, are all opportunities for you to be intentional with how you use your words and connect your neurons.” – Kim Everitt, CEO and Founder of NeuroCoach Institute.

The NeuroCoach Institute is a known authentic, trusted, dynamic and professional brand in the Coaching and Mentoring sphere. Our neuroscience-based programs, curriculum, services, methods and techniques have certified, qualified and empowered coaches, business teams and individuals since 2016, which was the birth of the brand as we know it currently. The business, trading since 2008 as a lecturing, training, mentoring and coaching business, during which the coaching component begged for a brand of its own!

The NeuroCoach Institute has reached a significant milestone in the energy and positioning of the company. It is with pride that we present you with a fresh, relevant brand that will remain trusted and professional to you our client and people across the globe. The NeuroCoach Institute remains committed and authentic in our quest to embrace, empower and equip individuals, coaches, teams and businesses one neuron at a time!

As a reputable and ever-expanding coaching portal that qualifies, certifies and serves coaches, business and individuals, we will continue to connect your neurology to brilliance and abundance.

We now clearly distinguish our business offering to ensure we can focus and exceed the needs of our specific profile clients.

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NCI for Coaches

NCI for Coaches, the Coach cosmos is the place we serve and equip Coaches globally through our qualifications, certifications, workshops, supervision, tools, techniques, models and development programs. We maintain uncompromising quality, standards and measurements through affiliating and aligning with international bodies and standards, as well as accredited qualifications and programs. Our methodologies and curriculum have proven to have practical and sustainable outcomes.

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NCI for Business

NCI for Business ensures quantum transformation in businesses through coaching, mentoring, equipping and qualifying teams, leaders, entrepreneurs, managers and staff. We ensure uncompromising quality, standards and measurements through accredited qualifications, practical and applicable methodologies in business. Standard yet agile material and programs offered virtually and in contact, ensure that we meet the expectations and outcomes of our varied industry clients.

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NCI for Life & Wellness

NCI for Life & Wellness is your Coaching Spa and Wellness place, where we connect your neurons to ensure a life of abundance through working with your thoughts, emotions, actions and programs toward a place where you navigate your position in life brilliantly. Our coaching, programs and practical tools and models equip and empower you to unlock what your mind already knows. It is never too late to rewrite your story – one that does not serve you.

The NeuroCoach Institute proudly reveals a fresh brand as we move into a new season, ready to serve you with renewed sparks. Journey with us in confidence as we serve to equip you, across the platforms of all three Business Units, with a deep understanding that there is truly hope to assist in bringing forth transformation and healing, in an environment created to make you feel safe without judgment.

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Hold on tight – things are going to get exciting.

NCI for Coaches

NCI for Business

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