The Beautiful World of Discovering and Exploring the Inner Workings of the Mind and Emotions

I am speaking to all the professionals who have vested interests in their therapy clients, coachees or employee group. In your role as a Psychologist, Coach, Therapist, Counsellor or HR practitioner, this article is for you.

Let me show you.

Here’s what’s possible if NLP training is done right (These are from testimonials we received after our NLP courses in the past):

"All the information dealt with was relevant and collected in a complete set of ‘tools’ for me to enhance my skills as coach and communicator… The content was fascinating and empowering with regards to knowing

  1. This is how the brain works
  2. This is the process
  3. Follow the process and achieve the desired outcome"

- S vd Nest

"This NLP course has deepened my knowledge of my neurology and I feel better equipped to understand and assist my coachees!"

- M Heygi

I think you’ll agree with me that only these kinds of passionate & practical outcomes make a course relevant & dynamic. This especially applies when you’re in search of training for professional roles where you’re faced with daily challenges in bringing about change in lives.

You need to know that the time you invest in a course will result in practical skills you can immediately implement. You can’t afford to waste time on simply gaining a few more facts that don’t optimize your coaching or therapy sessions.

Here’s the important thing about training. It’s not only about the material; It has to be done right. You can have the best—wise, transformational and true—course material in your hands, but when your delivery isn’t up to scratch, the delegates leave with only a fraction of the insight and power locked up in the theory.

NCI Decided to Do it Differently

So how does NCI counter this problem? Especially with a course as intricate and valuable to coaches as NLP, we realized the practical side is vital. That’s why you can expect a unique experience when you join one of our courses.

Before commencing with my opinion and take on the infamous NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) allow me to give clarity on my position.

Who am I?

If you don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself.

I am the owner of 2 successful NeuroCoaching companies. This includes a reputable and leading NeuroCoach Academy/Campus through which numerous coaches have qualified.

What is my History with NLP?

Now this is where the challenge started.

As a qualified NLP practitioner and with Master NLP practitioners in our midst, I recognised the plight of individuals and professionals who have either completed an NLP course or are interested in certifying as a NLP practitioner:

  • Firstly, many struggle to apply NLP techniques in practise.
  • Secondly, the majority of NLP programs and courses have a blend of delegates:
    • Individuals seeking breakthroughs in life
    • People wanting added value techniques to apply in their practices
    • Delegates who attend merely because they have ‘heard’ of NLP from someone.

Is this a dynamic arrangement? Is it fair blending the 'I-need-a-breakthrough/Lifeskills' candidate with the professional Practitioner, Coach, Psychologist, HR executive or similar candidate?

I don’t think so.

The Challenge of NLP

I realised this based on my own experience.

It took much strategy, creative thought patterns and thinking outside the box (during my NLP qualification many moons ago) to understand and recognise where & when as a coach and professional I would apply NLP techniques with a client.

Part of the original problem was that I was exhausted and de-motivated:

  • I faced a lengthy course
  • Over 30 delegates attended
  • I was tired by the time my 9 day program sucked the life out of me

The Solution—Yes we Do NLP Right

Luckily there is a solution.

So here is the deal. Our company offers you this:

  • A beautiful, dynamic and practical ‘Apply it to me and my life’ NLP Life-equipping program.
  • A tailor made a ‘How and when do I apply this with my client, patient, client’ program that yields fruit and can be applied by our graduates in their practises and businesses.
  • We limit the number of delegates to ensure focused discussions on challenges and practical application.

The Possibilities for YOUR Future After Completing an NLP Qualification with NCI

Why do we put so much effort into creating the perfect learning environment? Because the true TEST of our company’s success, lies not with our delegates who graduate and certify through our programs and courses. That is a fait accompli.

The final test lies with what THEY achieve with their clients, patients and coachees. Does this original approach render better fruit?

Why not listen to some proof and decide for yourself? Watch a professional therapist (and brilliant coach) when she speaks from the heart about her experience about the NCI NLP program.

Are You Ready to Experience these Same Victories?

Yes you’ve found it. This is how your future coaching/therapy sessions will be more goal oriented and successful. Find out about the next course here so you can book your seat.

We also focus on continuously enhancing our course experience. What do you think is the most important thing any course/facilitator should offer during training? Share your thought in the comments.

Or if you’ve been through one of NCI’s courses – share your experience to inspire others to join our successful community.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Kim Ikel

 Kim Ikel: Biography

Kim Ikel NCI

Kim Ikel is an internationally qualified Life, Executive & Business Coach with her Coaching qualification obtained from UCT Business School. Her qualifications include BA Ed (UP), Neuroscience Coaching and Professional Facilitation (Regenesys Business School).

She has owned a number of businesses and successfully written & presented numerous Coaching and Training programs.

As a professional Trainer, Coach & Public speaker she has empowered people across Africa and has positively stimulated life changing behaviour in people’s personal & business lives.

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